Satori Expressions offers a full line of fine art greeting cards with original sentiments that touch the spiritual nature of our humanness. Cards are vibrant in color that evokes emotion.


"Since childhood, I have loved making cards and giving them voice through my sentiments. May this legacy live on through this card line called Satori Expressions. I believe that giving and receiving a card provides an intimate moment in time between two people on conscious and unconscious levels …connecting their sharing of spirit.

While searching for a name for my card line, I came across the word Satori and loved it. To my surprise, its meaning is derived from enlightenment or an “AHA moment".

And so, it is my intention that Satori Expressions live up to its name offering an expression within…that has been waiting for words."


As owner of Satori, Michelle has had 30 years experience in the Land Development business to include all aspects of management, marketing, development and sales. The past 15 years she served as Vice President of The Spires Broadmoor-developing a 400 acre residential hillside community for 250 Investors. As the 2010 President of the Housing and Building Association, she served the 550 member companies in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Michelle has been very involved in the community non-profits and boards.

Satori CFO, Jerry Reiland - Independent financial/investment advisor for 30 years. Jerry also serves the Colorado Springs community as a board member of a philanthropic non-profit.


Gwen Fox is known for her abstract expressions, one of many reasons I adore using her paintings for the Satori card line.

As a renowned international artist Gwen’s paintings are a reflection of life, immersed in unexpected layers of color and texture to reveal a remarkable vision that breathes new life into familiar images. One first notices the color…then witnesses the energy within. Visit Gwen’s website at www.gwenfox.com or email her at gwen@gwenfox.com     


Kristy has been a graphic designer for five years owning her own company, Randono Designs & Let It Sparkle for three years. She specializes in graphic design, invitations, and fine art. Kristy and Michelle collaborate to achieve the design and sentiment for each of the Satori cards. From selected artist's paintings, Michelle and Kristy work together to design the artwork for each card to match Michelle's personal & unique sentiments. "I absolutely love working with Michelle. Her energy and passion for her company is inspiring. Her words and sentiments come from a very personal and deep place. You can find a little piece of her in every card you order." ~ Kristy ~ Visit Kristy's website at www.randonodesigns.com.